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32oz Photo Series Barbados by Nicola Lugo Version 1 (Coconut Surf Wax Scent)

SKU#: 011

The Photographic Series is a collaborative effort between ulu LAGOON and pro surf photographers from around the country. Version 2 was shot by Nicola Lugo on location in Barbados. The talented Nicola hails from Florida. These are limited to 1000 of each print, so get them while they're hot!
Check him out on Instagram @nicolalugo !
As of 2/14/2019 there are only approx. 160 of version 2 available.

Like artwork that smells bomb!

Hand crafted with pride in California, USA.


The photo series is housed in the popular 32oz two wick tin container with large viewing area.

Burn time 80-100 hours.