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Bring the sweet coconut scent of surf wax with you anywhere you go, with stylish air fresheners from ulu LAGOON!

Get the iconic wave shaped air fresheners that transformed the tacky looking thing hanging in cars, into a great smelling style symbol! You can now bring the original coconut surf wax scent that so many of us freak out about, anywhere you go! If you haven't ever smelled surf wax, think coconut, vanilla and some subtle secret notes that will have you drifting off to a tropical beach of your own. We only use the very best quality fragrance and manufacturers right here in the U.S.A. to provide you with the very best in automotive accessories to enhance your life and your style. When you purchase an ulu LAGOON air freshener, don't be surprised if your friends are suddenly wanting you to drive everywhere with that mini wave in your ride! Don't believe us? Try one, and you'll be hooked like the thousands of people just like you around the world that are loyal fans.